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Message From The Potentate

To our members and friends, once again Thank You for the support you are giving Sahib Shrine.  Without it, we would be unable to provide the necessary funds to carry out the commitment we have to the children in need of medical treatment.


 Several questions have been asked recently as to why we have closed some of our hospitals.  The answer is because of the overall cost of providing the best medical care to our children, we found that by affiliating with major Medical Centers throughout our country,  we can treat far more children in need.  


If you are a member or a non member and have not had the opportunity to stop by recently please do so, there has been a lot of positive change.   If you are interested in becoming a Shriner just ask how can I become one. You will not be sorry you did. 

Because we Care


Fraternally yours,
Paul F. Bekkenhuis, Potentate
Sahib Shrine 2023



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